Fonemixo – practice speech sounds

Fonemixo Pro is a tool to help children who need to practice speech sounds. Saying the words out loud is part of the game. With the help of a microphone you can record the child’s pronunciation and together you can listen to how it sounds. A parent, speech therapist or teacher can help.

Children play Fonemixo

Practice speech sounds with memory and free play. The cards in Fonemixo Pro depict words containing different speech sounds, for example sun, sandal and stone. The app  has two games. One is a classic game of memory where you pair cards while saying the words out loud. In the other came you can play freely with the cards an create your own stories or make up funny words.

Fonemixo can be used by children from the age of three years and older. There are three levels of difficulty which makes Fonemixo challenging for older children. Fonemixo is easy to learn. The child does not have to be literate since the game is based on images.

Fonemixo Pro is an improved version of the app Fonemo Pro.

Who is the app for

  • Children who need to practice speech sounds
  • Parents who want to practice together with their children
  • Speech therapists and teachers who want a tool in their education

The speech sounds

You can practice with different speech sounds, one sound at a time or multiple sounds. You can also choose the position of the speech sound in the word, in the beginning, in the middle, the end or mixed. All speech sounds do not have all positions. On the easy level the speech sound is adjacent to vowels.

Speech sounds in the game: f, g, k, l, r, s

Speech sounds in Fonemixo

How to practice

You can start the game immediately by playing memory. The selection of speech sounds are then a blend of f, g and k. This is called demo mix.

The games in Fonemixo


In the game of memory you can play as a single player or as two players sitting next to each other or opposite.

Saying words out loud is part of the game. Whenever you wonder how a word is pronounced the teddy bear will help you. Poke the teddy in the belly and teddy will tell you what’s on the card. You can also turn on a setting to hear the word each time a card is turned.

Memory in Fonemixo

Do you want to see something funny? Poke the teddy in the belly before you turn the first card.

Play as you like and create stories

In the second game you can move the cards as you like. With the help of the images you can make up a story with words beginning with an s or create funny words like “goat helmet”. You will get different number of cards depending on the difficulty level.

Free play in Fonemixo

If you want new cards press refresh. In some cases the selection of cards is limited, for instance if you play with only one speech sound on the easy level. Then you might not get new cards.

Record and listen

In the lower right corner there is a microphone and speaker. With the help of the microphone you can record the child’s pronunciation and together you can listen to how it sounds.

The recorded sound will play automatically, but you can also press the speaker if you want to listen to it again.

The microphone in Fonemixo


Here is a description of the navigation pane to the left in the app. With this you can change the settings in the game. In the pane you can:

  1. Press refresh to restart a game.
  2. Change game: between memory and free play with the cards.
  3. Choose speech sound. You can also select multiple speech sounds, then it says “mix” in the navigation. If you have downloaded Fonemixo for free you can buy the speech sounds you need in the app. If you have Fonemixo Pro all speech sounds are included from the beginning.
  4. Choose the speech sound in the beginning, middle or end of the word, or mixed. If you have selected multiple speech sounds the position will be displayed as an asterisk (*). Some speech sounds do not have all positions.
  5. Change difficulty level to get few or lots of cards and easy or difficult words. There is a pacifier for easy, a cap for medium and a bandana for hard.
  6. Choose number of players and position of players. You can play as a single player or two players sitting next to each other or opposite.
  7. With the sound symbol you can select the way you want the words to sound. Make settings for words sounding each time you turn a card or only when you poke the teddy in the belly in the memory game. In the free game you can have the words sounding each time you move and touch a card or turn it off.
  8. Open the help page. It has a parental lock, touch and hold for 2 seconds to open the page.

Fonemixo Pro is childproof (Privacy policy)

The app Fonemixo Pro has no advertising and no in-app purchases. There is a parental lock to the help page where there is a link to the web.

Fonemixo Pro does not:

  • Transmit data about the user
  • Require users to share personal information
  • Ask for date of birth
  • Collect, transmit, or have the capability to share personal information

Devices and language

For tablets and phones

Fonemixo Pro is created for iPads and iPhones.

Fonemixo Pro is available in three languages

You can play Fonemixo Pro in English, Swedish or Norwegian. To change language you need to change it in the settings on the device. The number of speech sounds can vary in the different languages.

Questions and more info

Frequently asked questions

Why isn’t the mike working?

The mike has to be activated for Fonemixo. Go to the iPad Settings/Privacy/Microphone and make sure it is activated for Fonemixo.

Do you need more help?

Do you have any questions regarding Fonemixo? Don’t hesitate to contact Milingo.

30 second video

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